Achieving Billing Wellness means understanding that a bill is about more than aesthetics it's about effectiveness. Below is an example that outlines best practices in bill design:
Customization –
The ability to customize logos and remit addresses for different divisions creates flexibility and a more practical billing process.
Bar Codes and Certified Addresses – These tools create better accuracy, tracking, faster delivery and lower postage costs.
Communications – Targeted marketing messages within the body of a bill alert customers to new offerings and features, driving company growth and profits.
Delivery Verification – Ability to capture signature images (or other proof of delivery) to speed up the payment process.
Contact Information – Contact information should be easy to find in the event that a question arises or communication with a customer service rep is necessary.
Clear Headers – Easy to read headers, product descriptions and lists diminish customer confusion and make bills easier to understand.
Payment Amount – Customers should be able to glance at their bill and find the payment amount and due date quickly and easily.