B2C Survey
The results of this survey will provide you with insights into how well your company's billing is performing while identifying opportunities for improvement.

  • 1.Is your organization mailing bills from multiple locations?
  • 2.Does your organization have a Disaster Recovery plan to ensure the bills go out when they are supposed to?
  • 3.Does your organization have an automated process in place to ensure billing accuracy (the right bill goes to the right customer)?
  • 4.Are more than 25% of the bills sent electronically by your company?
  • 5.Does your company offer its customers multiple electronic channels to pay their bills?
  • 6.Does your organization offer its customers access to an online site where they can view and pay bills?
  • 7.Is your company PCI Compliant for secure Credit Card processing?
  • 8.If your customer gets more than one bill from you send them in a common envelope?
  • 9.Do you include a scan line on your remittance stub to facilitate automated payment processing?
  • 10.Can your customer service team easily access and resend exact replicas of its paper bills to support billing inquires?
  • 11.Do your customers have the ability to provide an explanation for short paying a bill online?
  • 12.Can your Accounts Receivable team track online payment activity in real time?
  • 13.Can your organization track the status (from processing to delivery) of bills sent through the US Mail and electronic channels?
  • 14.Does your organization use the billing process as a means of building customer relationships?
  • 15.Does your organization integrate messaging with their bills as a tool for driving additional revenue?
  • 16.Does your organization rotate the messages they place on their bills?
  • 17.Does your organization personalize the messages they place on their bills?
  • 18.Are you proactively using your paper bills to promote electronic adoption?
  • 19.Does your organization integrate billing into its corporate sustainability strategy?
  • 20.Does your organization know its "all-in" cost to send its bills?
  • 21.Is your organization regularly tracking billing metrics such as cost per bill and electronic adoption?
  • 22.Does your organization approach the billing process as a strategic business function?