• What is Chronic Billing Disorder?

    Commonly referred to as CBD, Chronic Billing Disorder is a long lasting and recurring billing illness that affects all aspects of the billing process and related business functions. Symptoms include but are not limited to: billing inaccuracy, customer confusion and dissatisfaction, slow revenue collection and inefficient and costly billing practices.
  • How do I know if my business has Chronic Billing Disorder?

    If you in any way view billing as a utility and not a strategic function of your business, you may have CBD. For a complete evaluation take our Billing Stress Test
  • How do I know if my business has bad bills?

    Please refer to The Anatomy of a Bill for more information.
  • How will CBD affect my business?

    CBD attacks your business's bottom line in a variety of ways. Businesses with CBD can face higher costs, decreased cash flow, and wavering customer satisfaction.
  • What kinds of companies does CBD affect?

    Any company can be afflicted with CBD if they don't attack billing strategically. The number of bills a company distributes does not matter. Anyone who fails to create value from the billing process could be suffering from CBD.
  • Is there a cure?

    Through Billtrust's proprietary program, Billing Wellness, CBD can be cured.
  • What is Billing Wellness?

    Billing Wellness is a more strategic approach to billing. It leverages the billing process to decrease costs, increase billing efficiency, and drive customer satisfaction. It is the optimal state of billing health, often associated with a proactive and strategic approach to all billing functions.